3 top horse riding destinations in Tuscany for summer 2022

Horse riding in Tuscany is the ultimate experience for summer 2022. Tuscany means good life, good wine, good food and overwhelming nature: the perfect ingredients to create an authentic active experience! This land is ideal to be explored without haste, on horseback, so that you can slowly dive into it: gentle hills covered with vineyards, fortresses and cypresses will lead you along the way.

Let’s discover our 3 top horse riding destinations in Tuscany for summer 2022.

1# Horse riding in Tuscany – Etruscan paths in the province of Grosseto

Between land and sea, the Etruscan Coast is a strip of Tuscany stretched between golden beaches and green hills dotted with ancient villages with winding alleys.

Inland, you will discover the lands of the Etruscans, their hollow streets and necropolis carved into the tuff, passing by the breathtaking villages of Sovana, Pitigliano and Sorano.

  • Sovana is lying on a long crest at 291 meters high: wandering through its alleys will lead you through a world of traditions and history.
  • So as Pitigliano, a village perched on a tuff cliff, surrounded by green woods. Renowned as one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany, it is called the little Jerusalem: not only for the atmosphere and the colors of the stone, but for its Synagogue and a large community of Jews who live here.
  • The third village, Sorano, is an ancient Etruscan city founded on a fortress and surrounded by imposing defensive walls and it is a jewel of unprecedented beauty.

Horse riding experience in the Etruscan lands – Discovering this place on horseback is really breathtaking: you will ride through pastures, paths, country roads and white roads, and really short stretches on asphalt. You will go through tuff tunnels and quarries, used in the Ancient times by the Etruscans and travel back in time!

2# Horse riding in Tuscany – Chianti region

The land of Chianti is located in the heart of Tuscany. Medieval villages, castles, churches, abbeys, monasteries, cottages, villas follow one another in a fantastic itinerary that enhances the man industriousness together with nature; centuries of work have shaped the hills of this region and endless vineyards, olive groves and woods creates a harmony unique in the world.

Horse riding experience in Chianti –  Maremmani horses belong to a native Italian breed that has ancient origins. The Maremmani are traditionally the horses of the “butteri” (Italian cowboys) in charge of guarding livestock and raised in the wild. Because of their habit, these horses are able to move with ease on any terrain. You will cross dirt roads, sheep tracks, natural paths and be surrounded by an unprecedented scenery!

3# Horse riding in Tuscany – the heart of Maremma

Maremma is located between two regions, southern Tuscany and western Lazio and it’s an enchanting land, rich in history, art, culture, nature and food and wine delights. A magical place, unique, largely yet to be discovered. Maremma is the wild soul of Tuscany, indeed, where the dimension of travel follows the rhythms of nature: from its impervious heights to its hilly landscape that descends towards the sea, sometimes forming stretches of sand and sometimes cliffs overlooking the sea. The rupestrian Hermitages of the Fiora valley, the Natural Park of the Lamone forest and the volcanic lake are just some stunning places we will visit on our ride. Horse riding experience in Maremma – Horses, trained using the “Natural Wester” method, will amaze with their docility, trust and spirit of cooperation. The horses are first taught to trust the man and then to perform all the movements necessary in the country: step, jog, trot, canter, gallop, back, side, gallop changes, transitions, jumping, ford. Throughout the training period, the horse works a lot in the country, learning while having fun and increasing its wealth of experience.
3 top horse riding destinations in Tuscany for summer 2022

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