5 reasons why you should go for Horse Riding Holidays (in Italy)

In an ever-changing world, travel is taking on new expectations. Horse riding holidays in Italy for example are a new way to discover the joy of exploring. And research shows it: horseback travel is good for your health and happiness. In addition to decreasing stress, horseback riding holidays have other surprising benefits, such as strengthening our relationships, for example with a partner or friends, and helping to define who we are as people. If you end up falling in love with the lifestyle then you may want to look into things like an equestrian lifestyle subscription box for some constant entertainment.

You don’t have to be an experienced rider or gallop all the time to feel the enormous benefits of horseback riding holidays: at any level you can realize how this experience is highly beneficial for the body and especially for the mind.

It is important to make a premise: to go on a horseback riding vacation, it is not necessary to be an experienced horseman, but it is fundamental to have a spirit of adventure and adaptation to face situations and experiences that are certainly new. The horse is an incredibly empathetic and sensitive animal, and this alone will surely make the holiday different from any other.

5 physical and mental health benefits of horseback riding holidays

Horse riding holidays allow you to relieve stress and thus regain your balance, so it is perfect for those seeking a break from the routine of work and everyday life. Let’s see its physical and psychological benefits.

1# The horse gait stimulates many muscles in the body, starting with the legs: to maintain the position in the saddle, it is necessary to tighten the legs and follow the horse movement. All the muscles of the lower body work simultaneously to maintain balance. To enjoy a comfortable position, then, especially when riding with an English saddle, it is essential to maintain good upright posture: the back and abdominal muscles are constantly under a slight strain to do this, and it is not uncommon to wake up in the morning after a horseback ride to find that you have pain in parts of your body that you did not even realize you were using!

2# But it is the mind that benefits most from horseback riding holidays. Modern life has taken us farther away from contact with nature. But it’s really important to be outdoors and immersed in nature is for people, thereby leading to positive consequences on productivity, creativity. The horse is the perfect means for reaching these advantages: on horse riding holidays you are not only immersed in nature, but you are also sitting on it. Few things compare to the excitement one feels in this setting. Alone or in company, we breathe in clean air and our brains unconsciously process the information provided by the landscape, making us more relaxed and positive. The benefits of this activity can also be traced back to those of yoga: awareness of the present moment, breathing, and last but not least the connection with the animal that is created in these moments. When you’re done riding your horse, you can put them in a nearby horse shelter and take more of your time alone.

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3# What we easily tend to underestimate, and which instead is a very important moment from both a physical and psychological point of view, is the part that precedes and follows the ride itself. Caring for the animal and preparing the horse, both before and after the ride, are among the most beneficial of all. Preparing the horse, saddling him, grooming him, cleaning his hooves, and perhaps even preparing the stable and feeding him, can be very strenuous activities, but they are also extremely fun.

4# During the horse riding holidays you establish a relationship with the animal, when you test each other’s trust, your own weaknesses, and really feel the animal power and docility. Being able to “control” such a majestic and strong animal has a beneficial effect on self-esteem, teaches mutual respect and stimulates awareness of the present moment.

5# Last but not least, the real value behind horse riding holidays is the ability of this sport to bring us closer not only to nature but also to ourselves, to engage body and mind in a strenuous but particularly positive activity, to perceive the animal as a companion, a silent and faithful friend who does not lead and has no mood swings (unless we are the ones who do something wrong!).

In short, simply take on horse riding and embark on exciting horse riding holidays to experience first-hand all these amazing benefits!

5 reasons why you should go for Horse Riding Holidays (in Italy)

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