6 practical tips to get started for Horse Riding Holidays in Italy

Are you a horseback rider who wants to embark on horse riding holidays? Has it always been your dream? Then you should definitely go for it!

Riding a horse is an amazing experience, especially for those who feel this innate connection with this beautiful animal, and the first horseback ride (or a lesson) is usually a tremendous thrill. The next step is planning your horse riding holiday in Italy!

Many people are discouraged by several factors: they think that horseback riding holidays are a terribly expensive vacations, or that one is not able to stay in the saddle for multiple hours a day. All these fears should not discourage you from trying, because you can find the solution that suits you very easily.

HorseTouring is your ally to find everything you have always looked for!

Let’s sum up 6 practical tips to prepare for your first horse riding holiday in Italy.

What are the first practical tips to get started?

Here are some simple rules to enjoy your first horseback ride holiday to the fullest, without taking any risks or making any gross mistakes that could ruin the experience for you:

1# Choose carefully: thanks to the Horse Touring, you can easily find and compare facilities all over the Italian territory to find the perfect experience for you, also choosing according to the level of difficulty. If it is your first horseback holiday, obviously opt for an easy ride, which you can easily find on our portal.

2# Don’t lie about your skills: the beauty of horseback riding is that it can be done at any level, but only if you have the humility to recognize your limitations. Don’t lie about your riding skills, don’t try to do more than you can do, or go faster than you should. Remember that the horse is an animal and not a machine, and pulling left and right is not enough to make you listen. As the gait increases, so do the difficulties and the necessary skills.

3# Remember that you are not on a motorcycle: both before you mount and when you are in the saddle, always remember that the horse may startle you with gestures that you consider normal. Any sudden, jerky, unexpected gesture will be interpreted as danger and may trigger an overreaction. Always approach calmly and from the front, avoid gesturing. Always be aware of your horse and his attitudes. If he is annoyed, he will let you know by lowering his ears, but you must be ready to get the message!

4# Dress appropriately: you don’t need to go out and buy a whole wardrobe of riding clothes, but don’t show up in flip-flops and a bathing suit either. Avoid open shoes, but also those with laces if possible, which could get stuck in the stirrups. Short pants may be good for tanning, but saddle leather may slowly but surely scratch your skin to the point of unbearability. Fluttering scarves, necklaces, and long earrings are perfect for getting stuck in branches, or in the saddle, or at least scaring the horse. Ideal for your first horseback ride? A pair of comfortable, stretchy jeans, some rain boots, and layered clothing for the top.

5# Don’t think you’re sitting in an armchair: if you think all the work will be done by the horse, you’re sadly mistaken. Even if you were to do your entire first horseback ride at pace, the next day you’ll probably have sore legs and back: you’ll be using muscles that aren’t used to working and you’ll be in a position that isn’t quite usual.

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6# Enjoy it…and book the next one now! You’ll probably be bubbling with joy when you get off your horse. The nature, the contact with the animal, the time spent outdoors, the satisfaction of having controlled such a large animal, all these elements will make you release endorphins and feel great! If so, you already know what to do: book your next horse riding holiday in Italy. Each time will be more fun!

6 practical tips to get started for Horse Riding Holidays in Italy

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