A journey through the world of HorseTouring.com

Horse riding holidays in Italy have never been so close – HorseTouring is a mindset, a way of discovering the wonders of Italy, on horseback. So embark on this adventure and glance behind the scenes of our tours.  You will fill your eyes and your heart with beauty and hospitality, among amazing horses and sceneries!

Which are the main features?

“Slow” Travel

We want to promote our territory rich in history, art and culture. What’s better than cross it on horseback? The world of horseback travel is a milestone for slow and sustainable tourism. On our horse riding holidays, the horse is the ideal travel companion to plunge into traditions and history. Italy is a place to live and experience without haste and hurry!

Unprecedented and unique perspective

We would like to give you a local glimpse of this territory, away from hurriedly holidays and rushed sightseeing. On horseback, you can admire Italy from a different perspective: as Cristian said, from 5 feet! Our horse riding holidays in Italy are designed to provide a highly immersive experience with enthusiasm and commitment.

Gaits and Horse riding levels

Our tours are suitable for every horseback enthusiasts. The natural gaits of the horse, or the instinctive ones, are three: the step, the trot and the gallop. We require our travelers to have a minimum experience with the three gaits. We care about horses, and we care about horse-riders’ bonding: that’s why we make sure that your holiday is organized with peace of mind and no stress!

Horse Welfare

The relationship with the animal lies at the heart of our holidays: we are dealing with a creature that has its own life, its own needs, its own character, its own way of reasoning and perceiving the world that leads to get in touch with it!

We are interested in how our travel companions and work colleagues are trained. Many of our operators practice natural taming, or in any case with respect for the animal, and most of the horses are lucky enough to live in large spaces; when they’re not working, they’re left free in the fields.

The power of network

We firmly believe in the power of networking: our partners are carefully selected based on our quality protocol. We are in constant contact with our operators and visit equestrian centers regularly to monitor and be updated on any changes.

Not only that, but we are working together in order to show our territory on horseback, which is promoted in its uniqueness. Furthermore, we joined forces to reach the same goal: share the beauty of horse riding holidays. Are you ready to join us?

Expert horse riding guides

All our tours are first tested by one of our team. Our main objective is to offer you: quality, safety, an authentic experience and professional guides. Our certified tour guides are expert locals and will lead you through amazing horseback tours. With them, you can plunge in the history of a place and of its horses, because they can answer to every single question you’re excited to know.

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And when you’ll be home, on a gloomy day, your thoughts will throw back to the breathtaking scenery, to its gaudy colors and wonderful nature. And to this marvelous experience, on horseback. You will fall in love with our land!

A journey through the world of HorseTouring.com

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