Horse riding holidays in Italy – Adventure tales from the saddle with Roberto

HorseTouring designs inspiring horse riding holidays in Italy.

It’s the first widespread network that connects top-notch horse riding experiences, multi-faceted Italian landscapes and international horseback riding enthusiasts.

There is no country in the world like Italy that offers such a variety in terms of nature, history and sights; likewise, there is no country that boasts such a wide range of equestrian traditions.

Welcome to Italy! Let’s meet Roberto, one of the minds behind HorseTouring.

How did you start out?

Cristian (the founder) and I crossed paths when we were working in the software engineering industry: it’s funny because I was the main shareholder and CEO of the software company and Cristian was a young programmer who shared the passion for horse riding! Now he’s the boss in Horse Touring 😉

In 2018 I bumped into him at the horse exhibition Fieracavalli in Verona and discovered he was launching this new and visionary business idea. I joined and since then I have contributed to the strategy vision of the company!

Now I’m in charge of the travel catalog of horse riding holidays. Our network has evolved from a simple marketplace to a tour operator. I personally take care of getting in touch with our partners and visiting them. I am a passionate horseback riding tourist myself, and therefore I know what horse lovers want!

What does horse riding mean to you?

Since I was a child I have felt a great fascination towards horse riding, but only when I was 40 y.o. I got my first horse and enrolled in San Siro riding center in Milan. I also got horse arena construction near me so I could train properly.

There I met my riding fellows: for 10 years we kept on our tradition of organizing horse riding holidays every year. The best and adventurous vacations of my entire life!

I learned what it means to plan a horse riding trip to the smallest detail. Having discovered horse riding late in life has allowed me to handle equestrian tourism with a critical eye and make sure we get the best of it.

Horse riding in Italy – a new holiday destination for horse riders?

Exactly! We have realized that equestrian tourism offer in Italy has a rich but unexpressed potential. Every time I was looking for horse riding holidays we had to wade through hundreds of websites that hadn’t been updated in years, and Facebook pages of single facilities. We would have love to rely on a place where we could find many updated proposals and where we could ask for information and possibly book.

It didn’t exist, and we made it: it’s HorseTouring! Horse Touring selects only the best that suits to an international audience.

We bundle multi-day horseback riding holidays that encompass 3 main features:

  • Genuine experience surrounded by nature
  • Warm welcoming and authentic accommodation
  • Food & wine stops to get to know Italian culture and traditions

Horseback riding  quality is the common thread: your local hosts love horses and love to share with you the joy of discovering their land, its traditions or even just sharing with you a training practice they are passionate about.

So in a nutshell: what is your mission?

We want to be the gateway to high-quality horse riding holidays in Italy and lay the foundation for a virtuous system. We go out in the woods and find horseback riding visionaries and pioneers and connect Italian outstanding figures in the field.

That’s why our partners must reflect our values:

  • Typical and local experiences
  • Safety (e.g. First Aid)
  • Stress-free and fearless adventures
  • High-quality horseback experience through respect for horses and their well-being

Moreover, we are convinced that Italy – with its many equestrian traditions, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful monuments, not to mention its food and wine specialties – is an ideal destination for horseback riding tourism.

Best tours for horse riding enthusiasts?

My favorite tours are:

  • Horseback experience with the butteri – the Tuscan cowboys. The setting for this three-day adventure is the beautiful farmhouse La Forra, nestled on a hill of Chianti amidst Arezzo, Florence and Siena. First-class equestrian level, tame horses, charming welcoming atmosphere, top entertainment and lots of Italian traditions.
  • Etna horseback tour in Sicily. This week itinerary winds through the Madonie Natural Park and Nebrodi Mountains. Led by two passionate and qualified horseback guides, you’ll trek over the mountain ridge: to the right you can admire Etna volcano and to the left push your gaze as far as the eye can see and reach the Eolian Islands. The last day you climb up mount Etna to the edge of the 2002 eruption crater. Breathtaking!

What are your plans for the future?

Our dream is to create a pool of qualified vendors/partners to trigger an emulation effect. Italy would become the first destination for horse riding holidays!

We see a dynamic and thriving company to bring horseback tourism in Italy to the next level, scaling up globally, addressing every horseback enthusiast in the world and bringing them together!

Cannot wait to embark on a new adventure?
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Horse riding holidays in Italy – Adventure tales from the saddle with Roberto

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