Local horse riding holidays – Slow travel on horseback in Italy with HorseTouring

Cristian Bignami, Founder HorseTouring

HorseTouring is the gateway to horse riding holidays in Italy. It shows the most unexpected facets of this land from a unique point of view: on horseback! At the same time, it vouches for slow and gentle tourism: horse riding means traveling in harmony with the territory! Let’s meet the founder and CEO, Cristian. 

Your passion for horse riding and discovery – which role does it play for HorseTouring?

I am a horseback riding enthusiast: I have been riding for 15 years and since I was a child I have admired this world. I first started lessons in English riding and currently I’m dedicated to American riding. 

My horse passion myth led to the idea of HorseTouring: in 2016 at the Horse Fair in Verona we showed off our expertise for the first time. I’m a web project manager, and we created a 360-degree virtual reality exhibition area (with a real saddle!) where people could experience the thrill of riding 3 different routes (mountain – sea – hills) on horseback. We laid the foundation for local and slow horse riding holidays in Italy!

What is its unique feature?

In my opinion, my late and spontaneous passion for horseback riding during adulthood (when I was a child I couldn’t own a horse!) helped me to create HorseTouring, thereby making the horse riding world more democratic. 

We see horse riding holidays from an experience-based point of view, rather than the mere practice of sports and competition. I am also a wine lover, so I started combining horseback with wine tastings. Discovering the world with a horse means to see it from a height of 5 feet! 😀

Which problem do you solve for horseback enthusiasts?

Horse riding holidays are a unique emotion but organizing such trips is complicated: you have to look for a lot of information, about stables, farmstead and accommodation facilities. Maybe some sites have only a Facebook page, other an old webpage.

At HorseTouring we streamline the process: we select the best partners in the area based on a set of parameters (including hospitality, animal welfare and so on). Our partners decide to comply with our protocol. We don’t have the arrogance to replace federations or associations in the field, we always place value on the word “tourism” and “experience”.  We are a full-fledged tour operator!

3 USPs related to your business 

  • It combines horse riding with travel: therefore, not only as a destination but as a “path” to get there and slowly discover an area. 
  • Compared to foreign tour operators, we know our land like the back of your hand.
  • We strive for excellence because we are focused on one destination: our amazing Italy!

What do you think Italy can offer to the horseback travelers?

HorseTouring fills a big gap: Italy is the great absent in the world map of equestrian tourism despite its resources. We want to address a foreign audience and promote the culture of horse riding holidays. 

Unexpectedly, Italy can offer a great  variety of landscapes that change in a few kilometers, combined with a heritage of different customs, histories, cultures and wine terroirs. Think of Italy as it is seen by the average tourist: on horseback you can discover it from another perspective and fulfill your passion for food, history or nature.

Who can join your horse riding holidays?

Our tours are suited to different levels. Certainly you need a minimum of experience on horseback, for most experiences people need at least to know the three main gaits (step, trot, gallop). We also provide tours for beginners. But there is really something suitable for all levels: for those who like riding in the countryside, galloping on the beach, have fun with the Maremma cows. 

An easy and fun adventure is the camp experience in Valpolicella: a day and a half on horseback with a night in a tent in the open-air under the starry sky, with a wine tasting and a barbecue!

In our product portfolio, we have other experiences in Tuscany which provide more comfort and relax (link). You will be spoiled for choice! 

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Local horse riding holidays – Slow travel on horseback in Italy with HorseTouring

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