Sicilian Mountains and the magic of Etna Volcano

From the breathtaking Madonie Regional Natural Park up to the majestic Mount Etna.
A eight-day horseback riding vacation that crosses wild and unknown Sicily to take you to the volcano, up to the crater dating back to the eruption in 2002!
A real journey through unspoiled nature and magical landscapes, with all the taste of tradition and typical Sicilian cuisine. A multi-day adventure that does not overlook the comfort. Each night you will stop in charming farmhouses or boutique hotels.

His Majesty, Mount Etna

The largest volcano in Europe (geographically speaking), and among the most active volcanoes in the world. Its eruptions occur both at the top, where there are currently four craters, and from the sides, up to heights of a few hundred meters above sea level.

Info & details

Gran Traversata dei Parchi di Sicilia on horseback


8 days, 7 nights
Farmhouse or hotel in double room, single room with supplement. Full board from dinner on Saturday to breakfast the following Saturday; picnic lunch provided by the facility.

Horses and Riders

  • Horse breeds: Siciliano Indigeno variously crossed (thoroughbred Oriental, Arabian, Quarter / Paint horses)
  • Riding style: western riding
  • Equipment: trekking saddles, jointed filet
  • Experience required: confident rider at three gaits, who can lead independently a horse
  • Physical fitness requirements: accustomed to spending several hours a day in the saddle for several days
  • Minimum age: 14 years old. Minors may participate only if accompanied by an adult entitled to take on responsibility for them
  • Maximum weight limit: 95 kg (209 lbs)
  • Group size: min. 4, Max. 8
  • Guides per group / per participants: 1/8
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Guide presence: always, the guide stays entirely with the group

Itinerary and Ground

  • Terrain: mainly dirt roads, sheep tracks, mountain paths
  • Gaits: walk and significant stretches of galloping where possible and safe
  • Average time in the saddle: 5 hours per day

General Program Outline
Day 1 - Arrival and check-in. You will be welcomed at the airport and transferred by van to the farm, a haven of peace surrounded by greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In summer, the swimming pool is available to guests. Welcome drink on arrival and dinner with typical cuisine, simple but rich in flavors. You can get to know each other and get a first idea of the experience you will embark on.

Day 2 - On horseback towards the Madonie Mountains. After breakfast, briefing with the guides, who will give you with all the necessary information to enjoy the journey and provide for a serene relationship with your four-legged companion. The guides will assign the horses and your group will set off for the Madonie along the ancient Roman road and then taking an ancient sheep trail used for transhumance to reach your first picnic stop.

After the picnic, back in the saddle: you will cross a breathtaking landscape in the Madonie Natural Park and after a couple of hours you will reach your final destination. You will overnight in a charming hotel which was renovated from a traditional noble residence, where the refined cuisine will cheer your dinner wonderfully.

Day 3 - From the plain to the mountain. You will leave the plain of wheat fields and begin the ascent towards the Nebrodi Mountains on a wide and winding dirt road through a nature reserve, until your lunch stop. Once refreshed, you will descend the green slopes of Mount Soprano until the overnight stop in a farmhouse. Dinner will be an opportunity to taste delicious farm-to-table meats and cheeses.

Day 4 - In the heart of Nebrodi. You will move towards the ancient village of Capizzi, the gateway to Nebrodi Park. From here you will climb to magnificent valleys up to the path Dorsale dei Nebrodi, which you will follow for two days on the crest of the mountains, through majestic forests. These are inaccessible areas, and so on this day you will take a packed lunch. You will cross woods of ancient beech trees, and your eyes will be filled with priceless views of Etna and the Eolian Islands. At the end you will reach your accommodation for the night, a comfort haven of peace in the middle of the woods, where a fine dinner will be served. Here you will taste a modern interpretation of the local Sicilian cuisine.

Day 5 - The lakes and the Sanfratellano. You will stay at high altitude on the ridge of the Park, among beautiful woods and the tops of the mountains, meeting the lakes that follow each other at a short distance. Here you will be able to sight the Sanfratellani, blackish and powerful horses that found their homes in this area. After the packed lunch, you will begin the descent from the Nebrodi to the river, where you will leave the horses and go to the hotel by van.

Day 6 - Towards the volcano. Today's route is short and fast: you descend to the valley and gallop along the stretch towards the slopes of Etna. Here you will begin to climb up to Enta. This rural territory is still intact! You will reach the mountain hut where you will have lunch and leave the horses for the night. A little rest for the riders as well: you will be taken to the hotel by van, to recharge your energy for the last exciting day.

Day 7 - His Majesty Etna. Once you will reach the horses, you will head up the path that runs along the ever-changing slopes of Etna, among lava flows from various eras and forests of conifers and beech trees. The weather will condition the height and the route of the ascent of the volcano. If it allows you, after the picnic, you will reach the crater formed by the 2001 eruption. Then you will descend to the meeting point with the horse transport truck. Here, the participants will have to say goodbye to their four-legged companions, a truly emotional moment! This is followed by a transfer to the hotel, some parting talk over a drink, then you will have dinner and the guides will take care of the horses.

Day 8 - Goodbyes and transfer by van to the airport.

Travel Tips

Clothing: it should be comfortable and above all not brand new (especially footwear) as new clothes may often hold unpleasant surprises. Please wear comfortable shoes, even for walking, but with rigid soles to allow a good contact of the foot with the stirrup. Avoid boots with smooth soles and too tight clothes. Pants should be comfortable and hard-wearing. Remember to bring a raincoat, a hat for the sun and a bathing suit with you. It is also important to keep in mind that even in the hottest periods, a sweater may be necessary for the evening. The luggage should not be bulky because the space on the van is limited, so avoid hard suitcases.

Pharmacy Kit: Your horse guides carry commonly used medicines and a first aid kit. Any health problems that require special medications must be reported before departure. Allergy sufferers must bring their usual medications, as well as travelers who are allergic to commonly used medications.

Your Fee includes

  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • Farmhouse or hotel in double room, single room with supplement
  • Full board from dinner on Saturday to breakfast the following Saturday; picnic lunch provided by the facility, on the 4th and 5th day packed lunch provided by the facility
  • 5 hours per day in the saddle
  • Van transfers (limitations may apply about the times of the round trip)

Your Fee does not include

Personal travel insurance

Gran Traversata dei Parchi di Sicilia on horseback