In the heart of Maremma hidden hamlets

An exciting horseback riding holiday to discover the truly authentic soul of Maremma, the wildest area in Tuscany. Ride through nature reserves, archaeological parks, woods and rivers which preserve vestiges from ancient Etruscan, Roman and Medieval culture.
The hermitages on the river Fiora valley, Lamone Natural Park and the Volcanic Lake are just some highlights you will discover on your way. You will also spend an afternoon to follow the Butteri (Tuscan cowboys) in their daily work with cows and horses.

Maremma on horseback

Rich in history, tradition and culture, Maremma is a unique and wonderful land between Tuscany and Lazio. On horseback, you will cross mountain pastures, canyons dug by the rivers into the tuff, spectacular volcanic forests, Etruscan necropolis and stunning medieval villages. You will amaze at the wild Fiora valley and the lush Lamone forest.

Info & details

In the heart of Maremma best-kept secrets


Lodging has been selected for its uniqueness, food quality, comfort and for its ideal conditions for stabling the horses.
The rooms are double, there is availability of single rooms with extra charge.

Horses and Riders

  • Number of participants: min. 4, max. 8
  • Level: medium
  • Horse riding experience required: confident rider
  • Horses: all trained in western riding and particularly suited to travel
  • Picnic: prepared in the morning and carried by the van
  • Dinner: at the farmhouses where you will overnight. Particular attention is paid to food and wine tradition
  • Van: the support car carries your luggage and is used for some transfers
  • Guides: during the trekking you will be guided by a knowledgeable and qualified horseback rider

The horses are trained with the Natural Western method and will amaze you with their tameness, trust and spirit of collaboration.
The horses are first taught to trust people and then to perform all the movements necessary in the countryside: walk, jog, trot, canter, gallop, back, side, gallop changes, transitions, jumping, ford crossing. Throughout the training period, the horse works hard in the country, learning while having fun and enriching its wealth of experience.

Itinerary and Ground

  • Terrain: prevalence of paths and country roads, Etruscan quarry roads dug into the tuff and white roads
  • Height above sea level: from 860 m.a.s.l. to 250 m.a.s.l.
  • Length: about 180 km (112 miles); daily stages from 20 to 30 km (from 12 to 18 miles)
  • Legs of the journey: normally the total duration does not exceed 5/6 hours per day, divided when possible between the morning (longer) and the afternoon (shorter)
  • Prevailing gaits: pace and trot, gallop where possible
  • Main difficulties: some Etruscan Vie Cave (hollow streets) and fords in the river seem very challenging, but the horses know how to deal with this type of difficulty very well

General Program Outline
Day 1 - Arrival on Saturday evening and check-in in the rooms, welcome drink and presentation.

Day 2 - Sunday you will spend the entire day on horseback, with a picnic, back and forth to the farmhouse. The first day is very important to "create the group", and check the combinations between the rider and the horse. On this day, the travel equipment will be explained, as well as the way and rules of horse handling while traveling on horseback.

Day 3 to 5 - During the 5-day trip, the day normally involves a longer morning and a shorter afternoon, for a total of between five and six hours per day. You will visit the area of Sovana necropolis, the Etruscan Vie Cave, with a stop to admire the Tomb of Ildebrando and the Tomb of the Winged Demons. You will also have the chance to reach the Hermitages of the Fiora Valley, including the Hermitage of Poggio Conte, with a visit to the beautiful church carved into the rock. In the afternoon, you will ride together with the Butteri (Tuscan cowboys) and join them in their work with cows and horses. After that you will head to the Natural Park Selva del Lamone and the volcanic lake of Mezzano where you will stop for the night.

The rocky village of Vitozza is a truly magical place: wander through its stunning medieval ruins, castle remains and visit the church built next to numerous caves that served as dwellings until the end of the eighteenth century. The medieval village of Sorano with its narrow stone-paved streets and the picturesque hamlet of Montevitozzo will also enrich your journey back in time.

Travel Tips

Clothing: it should be comfortable and above all not brand new (especially footwear) as new clothes may often hold unpleasant surprises. Please wear comfortable shoes, even for walking, but with rigid soles to allow a good contact of the foot with the stirrup. Avoid boots with smooth soles and too tight clothes. Pants should be comfortable and hard-wearing. Remember to bring a raincoat, a hat for the sun and a bathing suit with you. It is also important to keep in mind that even in the hottest periods, a sweater may be necessary for the evening. The luggage should not be bulky because the space on the van is limited, so avoid hard suitcases.

Pharmacy Kit: Your horse guides carry commonly used medicines and a first aid kit. Any health problems that require special medications must be reported before departure. Allergy sufferers must bring their usual medications, as well as travelers who are allergic to commonly used medications.

Your Fee includes

  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • Overnight stay in a farmhouse / in double rooms
  • Price per person in double room with full board including wine and water at meals (low season)
  • Picnic and rustic Tuscan cuisine
  • 6 days on horseback

Your Fee does not include

  • Transfer and personal travel insurance
  • Drinks and beverages outside mealtime and entrance fees

In the heart of Maremma best-kept secrets