And so they walk the ancient path to the plain,
almost as through a silent river of grass,
following the vestiges of the forefathers.
(G. D'ANNUNZIO, I Pastori)

The tratturo, nothing simpler than a wide path with a natural bottom, originated by the passage of flocks of sheep and/or herds of cows during the transhumance, that is, the seasonal migration from one pasture to another. We will walk along the innermost of them all, and precisely because of this characteristic, it fits better into the vast network of herding routes: the CELANO-FOGGIA sheep-track.

A journey steeped in history, history that is lost in the mists of time. On the sheep-tracks, for centuries, fascinating migrations of men and animals, free and stubborn, subject only to the rhythm of the seasons, of the stars, of the moons. We will tell you about the history and relive everything that took place on the sheep-tracks.

The untouched Molise

Molise is one of the most beautiful and authentic regions in Italy. Riding a horse then is truly fantastic. Surrounded by nature and unspoiled landscapes, the step of the fantastic horses will make you glimpse an alternation of stretches of water, sheep tracks, forests, hills and glades.
The charm of ancient beauty in the midst of greenery, where you can have a fantastic adventure horseback riding experience.

If you have always wanted to have an experience immersed in a unique and unspoiled nature where everything tastes like freedom, this is the region to visit.

Info & details


Calendar subject to update, please contact us for other requests.

On horseback along the Regio Tratturo


Accommodation in elegant farmhouse, in traditional buildings, in double room with private bathroom; possibility of single use with supplement.

Full board treatment, with 3-course meals, water and coffee, wines excluded.

Horses and Riders

  • Riding style: western
  • Equipment: American saddle
  • Required experience: from intermediate upwards
  • Required physical fitness: nothing if not in good health
  • Minimum age: 14, with accompanying adult
  • Weight limit: max. 95 kg, over unless approved at time of booking
  • Number of participants: min. 2, max. 8
  • Guides per group: 2
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Guide presence: always with you

Itinerary and Ground

Terreni: Terrain: dirt roads, sheep tracks, paths.
Gaits: Pace with trotting and galloping sections where possible and safe
Main difficulties: depending on the level of the riders.

General Program Outline

Day 1
Arrival in the afternoon
Dinner at the farm, briefing with guides and overnight stay

Day 2
Today's tratturo has many differences in altitude as it passes from valley to valley, from that of the Cigno torrent below Sant'Elia a Pianisi to that of the Biferno river. Vegetation is characterised by shrubs, scrub trees, olive groves and cereals. The Cigno stream is easily forded and from there the climb begins again.

We pass adjacent to the village and a little further on we leave Morrone on our right. The sheep-track here is rich in broom and dog rose, while in the stretches where it is still in its full width it is rich in sulla and scorzonera. Fording the Biferno is not as easy as for the Cigno stream, it always carries a lot of water. Having crossed the river, we begin the ascent that will take us to Castelbottaccio, a small village in Molise, the destination of our first day's walk, where we will dine and spend the night.

Day 3
From the restart and after a hearty breakfast, we climb up to Colle Marasca, about 900 metres above sea level, here the sheep-track is truly intact and wide for all of 111 metres, giving the idea of a 'green giant'. Here we pass from the Biferno basin to that of the Trigno. We find many morges in this area. We descend into the valley below Codacchio to climb up again, passing between the two towns of Salcito and Bagnoli del Trigno. Careful and exciting will be the ford of the Trigno river, over a metre of water, blue dragonflies and crayfish.

An evening stop at Il Casino del Duca, which was the ancient rural hunting lodge of Duke D'Alessandro, we will dine and spend the night inside this magnificent structure.

Day 4
We start to touch the Alto Molise, the landscape changes completely, hectares and hectares of forest, cerrete for the most part. We are almost 1000 metres above sea level. We cross part of the Unesco biosphere reserve of Collemeluccio, a world heritage site with its silver firs. We will leave the sheep-track to enter the forest seat, where our final lunch will await us.

The organisation reserves the right to make any changes at its complete discretion, depending on the weather conditions, the safety and security of the riders, horses and any factor and for whatever reason it deems relevant.


Your Fee includes

  • 4 days / 3 nights
  • Accommodation in double room with private bathroom, single use with supplement
  • Full board
  • Horse hire with guide
  • Luggage transfer service from one establishment to another

Options with supplement

  • Double room for single use
  • Extra night including dinner and breakfast
  • Extra drinks (including water and wine with meals)
  • Possible transfer to and from train station and/or bus terminal (Campobasso)

Your Fee does not include

Transfer, personal travel insurance; beverages not provided or outside meals; anything not explicitly mentioned in 'The price includes'.

On horseback along the Regio Tratturo